March 23, 2021 | Invest Indonesia

Vaccination Program to Drive Indonesia’s Economic Growth for Better

Source from: Antara News

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Expenditure Expert Staff to the Finance Minister Kunta Wibawa Dasa Nugraha affirmed that the vaccination program being conducted for 181.5 million Indonesians will be able to boost the nation’s economic growth for the better.

Nugraha noted that the vaccination of 181.5 million Indonesians was aimed at achieving herd immunity to enable swifter recovery of activities and spur the nation’s economy to grow again.

“The vaccination program is a national program to encourage the economy to grow better. Hence, support from all levels of society is important,” he remarked at the Spectaxcular talkshow in Jakarta on Monday.

Nugraha noted that the government had allocated a budget of Rp158.18 trillion, especially for vaccinations during 2021, to be conducted for 181.5 million people by administering two vaccine doses, for which the government requires around 360 million doses.

He said the budget was financed by this year’s tax that was targeted to reach Rp1,229.6 trillion of the total state expenditure requirement of Rp2,750 trillion.

“More vaccinations are required to be conducted later in 2022, but it will be financed through this year’s state budget totaling Rp1,200 trillion,” he stated.

Nugraha noted that the tax revenue had continued to increase, especially for the March and April period, when taxpayers report their annual tax returns (SPT).

The ministry stated that the tax revenue in January 2021 had reached Rp68.5 trillion comprising oil and gas income tax (PPh) of Rp2.3 trillion and non-oil and gas tax of Rp66.1 trillion.

“Taxes have increased, but SPT submission of the taxpayer reports in March and April is expected to increase the tax revenue again,” Nugraha explained.

He advised taxpayers to immediately report their tax returns to support the vaccination program, so that Indonesia can surmount over the pandemic situation and usher in economic growth.

“Ministries and agencies, as a whole, and taxpayers are expected to work together to solve the problems and emerge out of this pandemic and also encourage our economy to grow again,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the Health Ministry’s Vaccination Siti Nadia Tarmizi also urged people to be ready to be vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and those around them.

Tarmizi affirmed that herd immunity could increase through vaccination to help Indonesia come out of the pandemic crisis and to facilitate economic recovery.

“Of course, this belief and support from taxpayers is what we hope for,” Tarmizi stated.

Reporter: Astrid F Habibah, Katriana
Editor: Fardah Assegaf, Ine