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The vast archipelago of Indonesia represents more than 40% of both the GDP and population of ASEAN. The consuming middle class is estimated to number around 80 million, 60% of whom are under 32 years old. These demographics underpin opportunities across all sectors, whether as a trader, investor or venture capitalist. But, market access can be complex and time consuming. Indonesia is for businesses that have prior export experience and can afford to look at market entry in a strategic way.

BritCham Business Centre offers a range of services to assist aspiring British businesses to do market access into the Indonesian market, and therefore achieve their market objectives. These services are as follows.


  • Market Information

    • Understanding a new market can be a challenge. Our Sector Leads specialise in providing market research reports that go far deeper than the desk-top. Tailored reports can include:

      • Sector Overview
      • Regulatory Updates
      • Market Trends
      • Competitor and Consumer Intelligence
  • Webinar

    • For British companies interested in hosting or attending webinars, we are able to provide a platform to share and exchange market information with Indonesian companies, regulators and other prominent stakeholders. A cost effective measure for gauging the climate for your product or service.

  • Roadshow Management

    • For trade groups/associations that would like to do trade missions to Indonesia.

  • Trade Mission Management

    • We are able to facilitate a virtual session followed by one-on-one meetings with country experts.

  • Visit Programme

    • We can set up British businesses with local stakeholders such as private companies, key players, potential partners, potential clients and regulators with relevance to the business interests, and help in expanding market opportunities through bespoke visit programmes that include 1-on-1 meetings. During which, British businesses and the local stakeholders can discuss mutual interests and make further progress in market access to Indonesia.

  • À la carte Business Services

    • BritCham Business Centre can facilitate a variety of bespoke services for British businesses. Using these services vastly increases the likelihood of market entry success, faster.

  • Exhibition Representation

    • We provide an opportunity for qualifying businesses to join the BritCham pavilion at FHT Indonesia in July 2024 and manufacturing Indonesia in December 2024. Packages can include full representation without you getting on aeroplane.

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We have compiled some testimonials from our past clients:

  • Video Testimonials

  • Written Testimonials

    • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

      "We are delighted to be in Jakarta with BritCham Indonesia, our super connectors and partners as part of the British Chamber of Commerce network. We’ve had a fabulous couple of days in Jakarta. And we’ve met with global Scots such as Ainsley Mann, creative businesses such as Juicebox and Moonfolks, and we’ve also had factory tours at the Dharma Group and we’ve got some really good meetings with Mott MacDonald. It’s been a superb couple of days with Chamber colleagues and members and we’re delighted to build on the collaboration in the future with BritCham Indonesia, exploiting the opportunities for Scottish companies exporting in the market but also working with Indonesian companies who would like to work in Scotland. We can’t wait to come back" - Richard Muir, Deputy Chief Executive of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce


      "Commerce. It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience. The team from the British Chambers here have really looked after us and I’ve been able to meet with companies like DIAGEO, who are one of my clients, but I’ve been able to see from a perspective of how they work in the market over here. And I’ve also had lots of great introductions and meetings with some other creative industries, some other agency owners like myself, to understand about how the creative industry works here, but also looking at potential partnerships, potential acquisitions, and trying to get, I suppose, just open my eyes to what Indonesia can offer to a UK company like mine. Yeah, it’s been a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed seeing what the city has to offer." - Andrew Dobbie, Founder of Madebrave

      Doncaster College

      "We are in Jakarta for the first time to make a pre-visit for our students visiting in June. We are so grateful to our partner at BritCham for the wonderful welcome and the help and support they given us on our visit." – Linda Skyes, International Co-Ordinator at Doncaster College

      "Jakarta is a wonderful vibrant beautiful city. BritCham has been absolutely amazing in facilitating our visit, and we cannot wait to work with them again in June and in the future." - Liam Marsh, International Placement Supervisor at Doncaster College

      Ideal Foods Ltd

      “I think businesses have been quite interested in our products which is quite remarkable. The companies that BritCham has introduced to us, overall I would say that we’ve had a good interest from about 80%. I think we’ve had very very good interest from at least 40-50% which is higher than my expectation. I was expecting around about 20-25%. So, I think BritCham have done their homework.

      Sure, one or two meetings did not go as planned, but that was to be expected when you came to the new country for the first time. I was also surprised to find out that no companies were offering by-products to Indonesia. Once again thank you to BritCham and Shella who's been unbelievable.”

      Anthony Horner, Managing Director at Ideal Foods Ltd

      Heriot Watt University

      “The visit met my expectations and the most useful component of the visit was the meeting with DIT and British Council where we were given a very good briefing.  The visit to Universitas Indonesia was also very good. We are planning to further develop our engagement with Indonesia. Overall, I was satisfied with the programme for what I needed at the time.  For a future visit, more bespoke arrangements to develop partnerships would be very helpful."

      Ruth Moir - Assistant Principal (International Development) at Heriot-Watt University

      Lingfield College

      “We couldn’t have done this without BritCham. They have been so helpful, informative, organised and a really good company. It has been a pleasure to work with BritCham and it feels as though they are part of our team.”

      Tara Unwin - International Development Manager and Headmaster’s PA at Lingfield College

      Methera Global

      “General market and trade knowledge is good. To be very knowledgeable in the telecom sector would be unexpected - knowing who to contact and to get the meetings with the right people is more important for us and this objective was achieved!”

      James Taylor - Director for Business & Market Development at Methera Global

      Norvic Aero Engines Ltd.

      "Outstanding. BritCham Indonesia did an absolutely fantastic job and really understood the Norvic proposition. BritCham Indonesia really worked hard to ensure all of our meetings were with appropriate potential customers. Expectations were vastly exceeded. Having used other Chambers of Commerce in Thailand and the Philippines, for example, I continue to be very impressed, but in this instance, overwhelmingly so. I can't think of any way to improve your services. It was an outstanding trade visit, aided by the Chamber for arranging the team to accompany me to all meetings, which made life so much easier, simpler and trouble free. Any company interested in expanding their market should engage with the British Chamber of Commerce in my opinion. Outstanding results and our exports will increase in consequence of this visit, which has been paid for already for business won. Thank you team."

      Richard Boddie - CEO at Norvic Aero Engines Ltd.

      RM Results

      “BritCham Indonesia arranged a well targeted and full schedule and all of the meetings were valuable in their different ways.  It was extremely helpful to have them attend the meetings. The team was great, highly knowledgeable, professional, organised and focused.  I was really impressed how quickly the team grasped our product offer, target market and aspirations."

      Stuart Mason - International Sales at RM Results

      Salt-Water Sandals

      “I was impressed with all the communications between myself and BritCham Indonesia. From being picked up at the airport to being chaperoned to each appointment, I was extremely happy with the level of service and professionalism. I received good advice at business level as well as local knowledge being offered to help make my trip a good one.”

      Rachael Laine - Managing Director at Salt-Water Sandals

      Serco Asia Pacific

      “BritCham did a great job with the short time frame to complete the task. We were wanting to get into meetings with some key high profile stakeholders so our outcome was achieved.”

      Megan Sloane - Chief of Staff at Serco Asia Pacific

      Tomatin Distillery

      “The trip was arranged in a great manner, regular updates and achieved in a very short space of time. The quality of meetings was excellent and we have received 3 very strong leads overall.”

      Graham Nicolson - Sales Director at The Tomatin Distillery

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Gain access to valuable market insights and take part in a virtual roadshow and visit programmes - a few of the services in BritCham Business Centre.

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