February 18, 2021 | Invest Indonesia

Sri Mulyani: Indonesia to Spend Rp173.3 Trillion for Covid-19 Mitigation

Source from: Tempo

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Finance Minister Sri Mulyani in her Instagram post on Wednesday said that the ministry has allocated Rp173.3 trillion from the national state budget (APBN) for the mitigation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year’s budget allocation has doubled from the 2020 pandemic mitigation budget of Rp63.5 trillion.

“We are working extraordinarily hard to protect Indonesia from Covid-19. Assisting the people and recovering the economy, which is a daunting task but useful for all of us, Insyallah we will recover and rise again!,” Sri Mulyani wrote in her instagram post on Wednesday, February 17.

According to official reports, the budget will be used to purchase devices for testing, tracking, and treating Covid-19 patients, incentivise doctors and healthcare workers in the front line of the pandemic and to fund free Covid-19 vaccination programs.

The pandemic mitigation budget will also fund a string of hospital constructions and renovations. It will also help the development of the ‘merah putih’ vaccine. Sri Mulyani said that main funds are sourced from the country’s tax income, customs and excises, and debts.

Editor: Laila Afifa
Translator: Ricky Mohammad Nugraha