February 17, 2021 | Invest Indonesia

INA Keen to Create Comfortable Investment Climate for Investors

Source from: Antara News

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Board of Directors’ Chairman of the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) Ridha Wirakusumah expressed keenness to create a comfortable investment climate for investors.

“First, what I want to emphasize is that we want to create a climate for investment, so that investors enter Indonesia more comfortably and with confidence,” Wirakusumah noted in a press statement here on Tuesday.

Wirakusumah is optimistic that investors would jointly participate in the development of Indonesia that has an extraordinary future, in terms of its demographics, size, and business potential.

“What we are looking for is capital funds and not loan funds. Funds that can add value, if possible, and of course, also from good, clean governance sources,” he expounded.

Wirakusumah also expressed hope that all the funds invested would continue to bring prosperity to the next generations.

“The steps we will take are creating a true home and high professionalism and strong governance guided by our supervisory board and the policies that we will set as well,” he expounded.

According to Ridha, his party will invite a professional accounting agency to ensure good governance. In addition, it will look at assets for cooperation with investors to immediately support infrastructure development.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) earlier expressed belief that the INA would be able to catch up with similar institutions in other countries and garner national as well as international trust.

“I believe the INA is capable of catching up and gaining national as well as international trust,” the head of state noted while introducing the INA Supervisory Board and Board of Directors at the Merdeka Palace, here on Tuesday, as witnessed in the YouTube broadcast of the Presidential Secretariat.

The head of state remarked that the INA held a strategic position in accelerating sustainable development, increasing and optimizing the value of state assets in the long term, and offering alternative financing for sustainable national development.

“Through the existence of the INA, we will reduce the gap between the domestic funding capacity and development financing requirements,” the president noted.

He believes that the INA would become a strategic partner for investors, both from within and outside the country, in order to offer sufficient financing for development programs, especially the national infrastructure financing program.

Reporter: Rangga Jingga, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Fardah Assegaf, Ine