September 18, 2020 | Member's News

EY Indonesia leveraging data analytics and digitization to support the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has set a rising demand of the Indonesian Government to accelerate supply chains to hospitals. EY Indonesia, a BritCham Indonesia member, is supporting the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) through pro-bono work to provide a platform to advance the distribution of medical supplies to state-owned hospitals “with transparency and accountability in a timely manner” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A consulting team led by Hendra Godjali, EY Indonesia Consulting Leader, and Hery Atmadja, EY Indonesia Digital & Emerging Technologies Lead Advisory Services Partner, has developed the COVID-19 Integrated Platform to accelerate and optimize the SOE ministry’s distribution channels and strengthen governance through digitalization.

The platform was designed to create a centralized system to improve the supply chain process. It includes consolidating donations from people and organizations, then facilitating distribution based on need assessment. The platform manages the flow of medical supplies accurately, reduces potential disruptions by using consolidated supply chain management and ensures good governance over the distribution process.

As the platform generates integrated solutions and timely reports, it helps the Ministry’s decision-making process and rapidly expands access to critical medical supplies during the pandemic.

The EY digital transformation initiative has empowered the SOE ministry with real-time data and analytics as tools to help overcome the COVID-19 challenges the country is presently facing.

As stated by Hendra Godjali, EY Indonesia Consulting Leader, “We are committed to finding ways to support and serve our frontline workers in their battle against COVID-19. By having closer partnerships between the private sector and government ministries, actions big and small will help combat COVID-19 challenges.”