The BritCham Indonesia Inspiration Series, in conjunction with BritCham Professional Women Group “PRINCESS OF THE DUMP” – WAGING WAR ON PLASTIC WASTE

January 30, 2019 | 12 AM(Jakarta) | 05 PM(UK)
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Resa Aprianengsih
Co-Founder of BGBJ Indonesia


Ainsley Mann
Chairman of BritCham Indonesia


Euan Low
Technical Advisor of PwC Indonesia
Sinta Kaniawati
Head of Sustainable Business & Unilever Indonesia Foundation

Event Info

Hear the incredibly motivating life story of Resa Aprianengsih who grew up in South East Asia’s largest waste dump and who is now at the forefront of the war on plastic waste.

Every day at least 8,000 tonnes of Jakarta’s waste are dumped at Bantar Gebang. Resa is inspiring a new generation of youth to get together to tackle one of the greatest challenges facing both Indonesia and the World.

In recent times, Resa has been featured on global media and spoken at 2018’s World Bank/IMF Conference in Bali.