Leadership & Adaptability: The C-Suite Needs to Know These 12 Leadership Practices For Disruptive Times – a one hour sharing session strictly for executives, directors and senior managers

May, 19th 2020
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Dr. Paul Aitken
Founder Mastering Leadership Agility (UK) Ltd & MLA ( Singapore) Pte Ltd

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BritCham Indonesia had the opportunity to host an exclusive webinar entitled, “Leadership and Adaptability: The C-Suite Needs to Know These 12 Leadership Practices for Disruptive Times” on Tuesday, 19 May 2020. This webinar features Dr. Paul Aitken, Founder of Mastering Leadership Agility (UK) Ltd & MLA (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and is proudly sponsored by our corporate member, BP. With years of experience on his field, Dr. Aitken shared the essentials of good adaptive leadership in this one-hour session.

The webinar covers aspects such as, but not limited to, the importance of leadership agility, how to improve your workplace, as well as some CEO to CEO advice in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Aitken also introduced AgilityShip’s core values, strategies, and practices essential to building and sustaining adaptability. Questions from the attendees were also addressed, which covered themes such as gaining trust from the people you lead and staying calm in disruptive times.

We would like to thank Dr. Paul Aitken and AgilityShip for the insightful presentation, BP for sponsoring this webinar, and all the attendees for attending this webinar. BritCham Indonesia is committed to offering relevant webinars aimed at providing solutions to problems faced in this current crisis

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