Human Capital – To Cull or to Nurture Your Human Assets?

Apr 16th, 2020
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Sylvano Damanik
Vice Chairman of Korn Ferry Indonesia
Steven Marcelino
ASEAN Capital Market Lead of Accenture UK and Chairman of Global Indonesia Profesionals Association (GIPA)

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The vast majority of businesses face excruciating business decisions as the global pandemic shows little sign of relenting in the near term.

For many business staffing is a significant overhead and might be regarded as the easiest route to cut cost. Easy maybe, but would that be wise given that your people resource will be the main thrust out of the crisis and into recovery?

In this webinar Sylvano will extract and examine the human resource response from a recent Korn Ferry survey of SOEs and the private sector. Business and Human Resource Practices during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Steven will anecdotally share thinking across Accenture ASEAN clients. The overriding discussion will explore, if you cull and amputate too much, what human capital will lead recovery?

This webinar will provide essential executive input for critical human capital decisions.

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