Debunking the Stereotypes about Studying Abroad: the UK Focus

January 14, 2021 | 04 PM(Jakarta) | 09 AM(UK)


Professor E. Aminudin Aziz, MA, Ph.D.
Head of National Language Agency at the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture
Rin Aziz
Bsc Psychology in Education at the University of York
Anastasia Widyadari
PhD Candidate in Medicine at the University of Leeds
Syazka Narindra
Clinical Psychologist

Event Info

The UK has always been a popular destination for further study as the UK universities are constantly featured in the top tier world ranking in terms of teachings, research, and graduate’s employability. Additionally, the UK itself is a country with a vibrant, multi-faceted culture that has benefited the country in all areas from industry and commerce to music, art, sport, science, and literature, making it even more appealing as a country of destination to live and to study.

However, a survey by Inadata in 2018 exposed character weaknesses described as ‘who cares’, in terms of attitude, ignorance, comfort, motivation, persistency and tenacity.

This concerns parents greatly at a time when they are physically far away and maybe not best able to influence better habits, performance and general parental care.

In this first BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre webinar we will discuss the concerns and debunk the stereotypes of studying abroad, specifically in the UK.

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