BritCham Professional Women’s Group Discussion: “The Power of Storytelling” – for your Brand and Business

March 26, 2019 | 12 AM(Jakarta) | 05 PM(UK)
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Indhran Seghar - Sunshine Digital Pte Ltd
Singapore (Founder) Strategic Storytelling

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Storytelling is hardwired into all of us and it's an essential part of branding. But what actually constitutes a story? And how do we craft a brand story that truly engages our audience, whether it's our colleagues or our customers? simply taking a story from the physical world and planting in the social media space just won't cut it anymore.

This one hour session with Indhran will uncover storytelling insights using the latest tools and technologies to enhance your brand and make it come to life. Indhran will take you through the art and the science of storytelling, drawing upon everything from ancient lessons of Aristotle to the latest techniques of Hollywood screenwriters.