BritCham Indonesia WEBINAR SERIES_ Continuity in Education during the COVID-19 Challenge – Parents_ Concerns Addressed

April 09, 2020 | 12 AM(Jakarta) | 05 PM(UK)
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During our webinar on the Continuity in Education During COVID-19, the Principal of the British School Jakarta, David Butcher, shared some insights on how BSJ have been coping with the situation. Mainly focusing on engagement, curriculum and method of teaching.

For kindergartens, BSJ emphasized the need for parents to be by their children’s side during lessons due to their young age and capability to fully utilize the platform of study. Primary students use Google Hangouts Meet and virtual pods (for those with disability) and MYP students receive a blended learning, assignments and face to face task projects to provide a range of learning experience.

Given that IGCSE and IB, are more curriculum based, students receive tasks and projects where teachers are able to track their progress online. An issue that arose is screen time and therefore it is important to keep this in mind and try to reduce it. . An issue that arose is screen time and therefore it is important to keep this in mind and try to reduce it.

Last but not least, both students and teachers have to collaborate with each other. It is important to communicate, collaborate and share feedback to be able to keep the students and teachers as part of the community.

On the topic of safeguarding, every school has their own security protocol ad system, which depends on how much resources the school has. The lower the price point the less resources the school have, however this should not hinder from the fact that schools have duty of care and child protection is the priority of any school. Regardless what type of school it is.

Collaborating across communities, with other schools, for example, sharing protocols and standard procedure can also help strengthen safeguarding.

Given the current situation, university classes now have to be online. This change is going to be accelerated, in fact it has already begun. Students are not demanding in learning in different process, context and different facilitator. FaceTime now has a new value, it can teach team building skills, accelerating change. Though this does not apply for technical majors, like engineering, since they require practice in real life.

At times like this, it is important to manage stress and anxiety. Schools need to give the right information to parents. Teachers will have to work both with students and parents. For parents, make sure you understand the type of learning the school provides for your children, work together on a research or task, work together with the school. For now, prioritize the idea of well-being, motivation and supporting the family.

To cope with the current COVID-19 situation, exam schedules in universities have changed. Instead of exams there will be assessments and open book exams. In maintaining a community, we should treat students as part of the wider team, it is important that the university engage with them and offer advice and guidance.

Despite restrictions in mobility, those who are considering in applying for the next academic year should not be discouraged to pursue it.

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