| BritCham Climate Change Member Focus Group Webinar: Waste Management and the Circular Economy

December 04, 2020 | 12 AM(Jakarta) | 05 PM(UK)
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From Scotland to Sulawesi, technology solutions are accelerating the move towards a more circular economy.

We will be joined by Michael Groves, the founder of Scotland-based Topolytics, a company that is pioneering the use of data analytics to make waste visible, verifiable and valuable. Since 2019, their technology is being used by the UK Government to track hundreds of millions of waste movements across the UK. Each one of their customers gains actionable insights that benefit from an additive view of the waste system across multiple enterprises, sectors, cities, regions, countries or continents.

Also joining the panel will be Andi Moehammad Ichsan, the CEO & Co Founder of Sulawesi-based Octopus, a circular economy platform that currently manages waste collection in Makassar and Bali. Octopus provides a real-time data dashboard for brands/FMCG producers to track and collect their waste while giving incentives to local waste stakeholders via their platform.

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