Keeping Your People Safe in an Uncertain World-Global 1st Tech

Sept 30th, 2020
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Martin Hogan
Founder & CEO of Safe Citizens

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Relying on proprietary groundbreaking, global first tech, Safe-Citizens is the next gen. Public safety platform that enables Emergency Services or Enterprise Security Staff to better alert ‘at risk’ citizens and staff/students, manage incident sites, all remotely, all in real time and all without violating citizens’ privacy, based entirely on their location and proximity to danger.

The greatest limitations to current safety alert technology is that it is simply past its ‘sell by’ date. SMS messaging is character-limited, outmoded, easily contended, (often arrives late) and has been compromised. There is also no scope for further feature development.

Safe-Citizens platform is 100% digital, born in the cloud, secure, robust and consistent with future infrastructure investment.

All cities and regions are in the process of investing further in strengthening their digital estates, in speed and access, not in telephony (GSM), resulting in SMS becoming ever-more outdated, in turn, exposing citizens and visitors alike to ever-aging technology never designed for the job it is being asked to do. It is time to move on.

The Safe-Citizens platform is the future of public safety.