UK Academic and Vocational Expertise Well Positioned to Support Indonesia’s National Human Capital Goals

July, 7th 2020
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HMA Owen Jenkins
Brithis Ambasador to Indonesia and Timor Leste
Iwan Adhisaputra
Brokerage Strand Lead of Mentari Programme
Yonathan Wijaya
Head of Private Sector Engagement (Aid) at Brithis Embassy Jakarta

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On Tuesday, 7th July 2020, BritCham Indonesia is proud to have hosted the exclusive webinar, “MENTARI Programme: UK Government’s Support for Indonesian Renewable Energy Projects”, which features four esteemed panelists: Mike Croscetti (Co-Director of MENTARI Programme) and Iwan Adhisaputra (Brokerage Strand Lead of Mentari Programme), including an opening remarks from HMA Owen Jenkins (British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste) and moderated by Yonathan Wijaya (Head of Private Sector Engagement at the British Embassy Jakarta). With around 150 registrants, this webinar introduces a special programme launched by the UK Government tailored to help Indonesia develop its economy.

The MENTARI Programme is a part of the UK Prosperity Fund which aims to reduce poverty through stimulating inclusive economic growth in middle-income countries, with supporting Indonesia’s transition into a low-carbon economy as one of its main focus areas. Aside from introducing the programme itself, including how it functions as well as its brokerage activities, this webinar also covers details on how companies and projects can get involved. Questions from the attendees on topics such as what is included in the programme and government policies in support of the programme are also addressed within this webinar.

We would like to thank all the panelists for sharing their expertise as well as the attendees for participating.

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