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Agriculture Minister Calls Regions Across Indonesia to Promote Agrotourism

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Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limbo has called on regions across Indonesia to promote farming areas as agricultural tourism (Agrotourism) destinations.

“I think this is a progressive step that agriculture is not only producing rice, maize, beans, but actually with a better arrangement , it could give added value to the economy of the community,” Limbo said in a press release on Saturday.

He gave the statement after attending a rice harvest event at Svarga Bumi Borobudur, an agrotourism area in Magelang District, Central Java. The Swarga Bumi agrotourism destination is located around three kilometers from Borobudur Temple.

The Magelang rice fields have become a popular photo location and turned into a new economic source for the local community. The agricultural tourism could double the incomes of local farmers, he said.

The ministers urged other provinces to imitate the Swarga Bumi agrotourism destination and develop similar tourism destinations in their respective regions.

Limbo also believed that agrotourism areas would attract young people to learn about agriculture.

“This (agrotourism) area is certainly an interesting collaboration between agriculture and tourism. In the future, we will discuss this with the Ministry of Tourism. We will duplicate it in other areas,” he said.

Currently, agriculture is a sector which is supporting Indonesia’s economy and it would very interesting to combine agriculture and tourism, according to him.

In Indonesia, Bali is known for agrotourism destinations where tourists not only can enjoy beautiful scenery, but also participate in various agricultural and plantation activities.

Among the best agrotourism destinations in Bali are Bali Pulina, Bali fruit garden, Basanta Agro Organic, and Bagus Agro Pelaga.

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