December 08, 2020 | Other News

Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Manual For Indonesia

This Manual was developed under the Financial Sector and Intellectual Property (FSIP) programme, a component of the ASEAN Economic Reform Programme funded by the United Kingdom’s cross government Prosperity Fund. The Manual was created and coordinated by UK headquartered IP firm Rouse’s Indonesia office, in conjunction with PwC, as the FSIP Programme manager. The Manual is for informational purposes only and the views, recommendations and contents of this Manual do not necessarily represent or are not necessarily endorsed by BritCham Indonesia, PwC or Rouse. So, users of this Manual should take local legal advice on specific IP cases.

This Manual was drafted by Rouse & Co International under the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office Prosperity Fund Financial Sector and Intellectual Property Programme. The authors are Nicholas Redfearn and Anushka A.

Click, the image to access the handbook.