March 10, 2021 | Invest Indonesia

Potential Island Tourism in Aceh Attracts Investors from UAE

Source from: Tempo

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The Indonesian government agreed on a number of collaborations with the United Arab Emirates in various fields, including tourism. Business actors from the UAE planned to invest in the development of island resorts in Aceh.

The cooperation was marked by the signing of a Letter of Intent or LOI by the Aceh Governor and UAE business players. The investment value in the project was estimated at US$300-500 billion.

The islands targeted in the development project include Banyak Island in Aceh Singkil. Other islands favored by tourists are Tailana Island, Panjang Island, Palambak Island, and Sikandang Island, where tourists can go snorkeling and diving for their beautiful underwater world.

The UAE Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Suhail Al Mazroui said that his side had been holding intense discussions with Indonesia for tourism development.

The island tourism project has now reached the stage of identification carried out by a special team. They mapped areas to be set as the project location. At least nine areas have been discussed by both parties.

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Editor: Petir Garda Bhwana