April 19, 2021 | Invest Indonesia

Home industry could boost women’s role in economy: BI

Source from: Antara News

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The development of home-based industries can add value to women’s role in the economy, the deputy governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) has said.

“The home industry development can add very significant value, if well-managed,” BI deputy governor Destry Damayanti wrote in DRI’s Pulse Check Special Edition Danareksa here on Friday.

Home-based industries are expected to boost family incomes as well as foster self-confidence in women, she noted.

The home industry program, which is being conducted in 21 districts and towns, is a leading program that has been prepared by the government to improve women’s access to the economy and push past any limitations placed on them, she said.

“Home industry has been chosen since the initial (thrust) of economic movement has been basically and naturally seen in public,” she explained.

Detailing the benefits of home-based industries, Damayanti said 70 percent of workers in such industries are women, 53 percent of home industries are located in rural areas, 70 percent manufacture food products, and more than 50 percent of home-based enterprises are ultramicro-scale businesses employing one-three people from the same family..  .

She highlighted that there is no critical obstacle to women playing a bigger role in the national economy. Women, she said, should be able to collaborate with anyone and adapt to a very fast-changing era.

Moreover, social stigmas which put greater limitations on women than men still exist and remain a challenge for women to meet, she pointed out.

“It can be showed by (The stigmas can be set aside) a consistent performance, even willingness to create a breakthrough in the fields dominated by men so far. Each woman must have a strong intention to break the glass ceiling in their work environment and take the opportunity that has been openly offered,” Damayanti suggested.

Many Indonesian women have made noteworthy achievements, built a reputation, and have been acknowledged as influential persons in the economy, even on international platforms, such as Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, who formerly served as managing director of World Bank, and International Affairs Minister, Retno Marsudi, she said. They are a great source of inspiration for women, she remarked.

“They both have proved that the fields dominantly handled by men so far, apparently can be taken over by women very well. This can motivate many women to climb to the peak and rule the national economy,” she remarked.

Reporter: Juwita Trisna Rahayu, Kuntum
Editor: Suharto