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Creative Industry Needs Capable Human Resources: UI

Creative industry needs capable human resources: UI

University of Indonesia’s (UI’s) Director of the Vocational Education Program Padang Wicaksono highlighted that Indonesia’s expanding creative industry is in need of qualified human resources.

“Therefore, the UI Vocational Program is present as a (form of) vocational education that can respond to industry challenges, one of which is the creative industry, by producing quality graduates,” he remarked here on Wednesday.

According to Wicaksono, students can continue to be creative by gaining fresh experiences and insights from real practitioners in the creative sector.

He affirmed that UI’s cooperation with the creative industry continues to be built in the form of internships, industrial visits, and professional networks.

To this end, UI’s Media Production Study Program, Vocational Education Program, held “Intellectual Property (IP) Week. That event featured a talk show held with the theme of “The Engine of Innovation” at the UI Campus in Depok, West Java.

Collaborating with Infia, a company in the creative industry that houses hai.dudu and Komikin, IP Week presented several experts in the field of IP, namely head of Content Block X Dennis Adishwara, creator & head of hai.dudu Rizki Ehsy Pangarso, and founder of Komikin Aruga Perbawa.

IP refers to the products of human intellect, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, and trademarks. IP gives exclusive rights to its creators to utilize their work.

Wicaksono elaborated that IP plays an important role in promoting innovation and creativity by providing incentives to its creators in the form of legal protection against unauthorized use.

In addition to the economic value, creativity should be accompanied by awareness of IP rights.

“Various creative content made by Indonesian artists have emerged on social media platforms, some of which have high economic value,” he highlighted.


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